I, David Brian Cliburn, am a Living Soul on the Land and Soil, a son of God.

Born April 13, 1963 on Jefferson Parish, Louisiana Lawfully living on Montgomery, Texas.

I am a Texan recognized by the united states of America and defined under USC Title Eight Section 1101-a 21 & 23 as a state national with proper status as one of we the people.



David-Brian: Cliburn, Beneficiary

American State National

Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals;
Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents

Deed of Re-Conveyance

Certificate of Assumed Name

Act of Expatriation

Cancellation of All Prior Powers of Attorney

FSIA Mandatory Notice

Paramount Claim of the Life and the Estate

Declaration of Political Status

1779 Declaration

Fee Schedule-Notice of Intent
Common Carry Declaration

Witness Testimony 1

Witness Testimony 2

Revocation of Election

Voter Cancellation

Attorney General Letter

Reference Documnets

Title 50, Sole Relief and Remedy

Combined MUNICIPAL and Territorial Notices of Violation(s)

Diagram of Fraud